Electric Radiant Floor Heating Systems

Homeowners who are looking for a little extra luxury in their homes and a little less on their utilities bills are often turning to radiant heat. Our friends at One Week Bath Kansas City are also quite familiar with this. They frequently install Warmly Yours electric radiant floor heating systems for their clients. While warmth is not as much of an issue for our clients in Los Angeles, radiant heat is still rising rapidly in popularity.

Radiant heating systems are more efficient and environmentally friendly than other heating methods. Whether you choose air, water, or electrically heated systems, the intention is for the heat to be distributed into large mass. The end result is efficient, long-lasting heat.

Electric radiant floor systems are particularly popular due to the fact that they are reasonably non-invasive to install. Unlike air and water heated systems, electric systems only require a dedicated electrical circuit to install. The coils can be installed underneath a wide variety of flooring types including: tile, stone, hardwood, carpet, laminate, and indoor concrete slabs.

Bathrooms are the most common place that we see radiant systems installed during remodels. In new construction in the Los Angeles area, we see whole-house systems installed frequently as well.

Have you considered installing radiant floor heating in your home? Do you have more questions about how it works or how it’s done? Let us know in the comments below!

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