How Do I Fix My Leaky Curbless Shower?

Curbless Shower with Inline Drain SystemDear Matt,
I am trying to do a curbless shower and I have  had two shower design people mess it up at a cost of about $15,000….it still leaks….I have now  hired  another one but I am  wondering  if you can  give me some idea on keeping  it from leaking. Any tips you can give me would be great! Thanks, Linda


Hi Linda,

Thanks for writing in! The best solution is often to install an inline drain system at the break between the shower and the main bathroom floor. Most often, we use a linear drain system from PROLINE Drain. Not only are these drainage systems effective and help to create a seamless aesthetic, they are also a universal design component. They require some skill to install but they work really well.

I hope that helps and that your latest contractor can help you with your problem!

Best of luck,


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